Coconut Charcoal 10kg
Coconut Charcoal 4kg

Super Premium
Coconut Charcoal 

Made from eco-friendly coconut shells, with exceptional burning qualities and great for lasting through a long grilling session.

What is
Coconut Charcoal? 



 ~ 25 - 30 MINS 



 3 - 4 HRS 



  5 - 6 HRS 




Our Coconut Charcoal Pillows are made with eco-friendly coconut shells, and designed to power your BBQ with

high, even and long-lasting heat.

When lighting, it burns cleanly and is virtually

smokeless, and odourless.

Once it lights, it burns up to 2-3 times longer than

regular charcoal, so that you do not need to keep topping

up your grill with charcoal, making it extremely competitive price-performance wise for every hour of grilling.

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Sustainably sourced

100% Natural

Our Coconut Charcoal Pillows

are made with high quality 100% Natural Coconut Shells, giving you a clean and pure heat source.

Unlike many other briquette products out there, FYRO Coconut Charcoal Pillows contain no nasty minerals or chemicals, and uses a gluten-free vegetable starch binder.

Grilled Beef

The consistent heat of FYRO Coconut Charcoal Pillows takes your BBQ to the next level and helps your food develop the best flavour that any charcoal can bring to your grill

Smart Heat Control

Our Coconut Charcoal Pillows

burn with a steady glow,

giving you superb control over the temperature, with minimal

flare up of wild-flames that burn your food before it is cooked inside.



BBQ Meat and Sausage with Coconut Charcoal

Low Ash

Easy Clean Up

After Coconut Charcoal Pillows have completely finished burning, the residual ash content is only 4-7%.

This is much lesser than with regular charcoal briquettes, and makes cleaning your grill easier.

Special Qualities

Coconut Shells

Smokeless When Lighting

No Wild Flame Formation

100% Natural
Zero Chemicals



Extra Long Burning Time

*2-3x Longer Burning

*Compared to Regular Lump Charcoal

Lighting  Tips 


Choose either method below:

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Method 1 (Recommended) :

Use A Charcoal Chimney

Place Charcoal Pillows in a charcoal chimney, and light sufficient firestarters underneath it for charcoal to ignite.


Method 2:


Stack Charcoal Pillows around sufficient firestarters, providing enough space for firestarters to burn. Light the firestarters. 

Check regularly and add firestarters if necessary to light the charcoal until about 50% lit.

Once (about 50% of) Charcoal starts to glow red,
a fan may be used to speed up ignition.

Once Charcoal is about 80% lit, use tongs (for method 2) or charcoal chimney (for method 1) to safely place it in your grill.

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after a cook

FYRO Coconut Charcoal Pillows burn steadily for 3-7 hours depending on the style of grilling, and if still glowing at the end of your cook - can be extinguished and re-ignited for use during your next BBQ!

To extinguish, cut off the air supply to your grill, or smother burning charcoal with ash or sand. 

Ensure charcoal has cooled and fully extinguished before moving it.

Enjoy re-using FYRO charcoal!

Perfect for
Table, Indoor and Outdoor Grilling

What our users say

"Even, high heat for a long time. Laid a minion ring overnight for pulled pork with this Coconut charcoal in my Weber kettle grill and results were impressive."