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Binchotan White Charcoal

Real Binchotan
White Charcoal

The metallic sound that FYRO Binchotan makes when

you hit the pieces together is a sign of the best quality.

What is Binchotan? 



~ 30 MINS 



 3-5 HRS 




Also known as White Charcoal, Binchotan is a rare and highly prized Charcoal used in Japanese-style grilling in world-class restaurants. 

It is increasingly becoming the choice of discerning home chefs as it produces no flames, no odour, no smoke when lighting and generates an intense heat to give food an amazing texture, while it's perfect heat consistency keeps flesh tender and juicy.

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Why FYRO Binchotan?

Binchotan Charcoal

Premium Handcrafted Quality

Real Binchotan gives a clear metallic sound when you hit the pieces together, does not break into small pieces once fully lit and takes the shape of natural wood.

Charcoal Origin

Our charcoal craftsmen travel to plantations several times annually in search of special types of wood that will make superb quality Binchotan.


Lighted Binchotan

The Making Of Binchotan

After 4-6 weeks of drying, the wood is stacked into a brickoven, where our Binchotan craftsmen meticulously control the internal temperature.

Special Qualities



Smoke-Free & Odorless


No Wild Flame Formation

Extra Long Burning Time

Lighting  Tips 


Choose either method below:

FYRO Binchotan Card.png

Method 1:

Use A Charcoal Chimney

Place Binchotan in a charcoal chimney, and light sufficient firestarters underneath it for Binchotan to ignite.


FYRO Binchotan Card (1).png

Method 2:

Use Regular Charcoal / Naked Flame

Place Binchotan atop a naked flame

OR Start some easier-lighting regular charcoal, and place Binchotan atop glowing charcoal, to use the heat to ignite.


Once (about 50% of) Binchotan starts to glow red,
a fan may be used to speed up ignition.

Make sure Binchotan is properly lit (>85% glowing)

before using tongs to place it evenly in your grill.


FYRO Binchotan burns steadily for 3-5 hours
depending on the style of grilling, and if still glowing
at the end of your cook - can be extinguished and
re-ignited for use during your next BBQ!

To extinguish, cut off the air supply to your grill or
place Binchotan into a pot, and shut the lid. You can
also smother burning Binchotan with ash or sand.

Ensure Binchotan has cooled and fully extinguished before moving it.

Enjoy re-using FYRO charcoal!


Perfect for
Table, Indoor and Outdoor Grilling

What our users say 

"These Binchotan Charcoal are THE BEST. At first glance it looked expensive, but after hearing so much about it, I took the plunge and never looked back. I used one small box for a BBQ dinner, put the Binchotan out after dinner and fired it up AGAIN for an entire BBQ lunch! And the best thing? Not having to change charcoal at all halfway through both cooks as the heat lasted so well throughout!
Never going back to the regular stuff."
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